I Found You (Ultra Extended Version)

I Found You (Ultra Extended Version) cover
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    I Found You (Ultra Extended Version)


I was out for fun
into action
looking for some satisfaction
gimme something shiny, something new
running wild all alone
lost with no direction home
another rolling stone
black and blue

I found you
you crashed into my dreams
started stealing all the scenes
and now it seems you’ve got me too
I found you
much to my surprise
I just opened up my eyes
to find you glad to find me to
I found you

I climbed aboard
the magic bus
faced the dragons chasing us
battling the windmills of my youth
I searched along Park Avenue
and climbed the mountains of Peru
and never got no closer to the truth


on the ropes
down and out
waiting for the ref to count
but just before the final round was through

Liner Notes

This one changed so much during the recording. I wrote it to be a fast 4/4 straight time rocker but when we went in to record it, it wasn’t coming together as I had heard it in my head. The drummer, Pete Thomas was starting to ‘swing’ the feel, so Davey Farager [both from Elvis C’s “Imposters”] said.. let’s try it like THIS… he played a swingy “English Shuffle” rhythm and Pete joined in.. Then Adam [MacDougal of the Black Crows] started making these crazy noises with his old Wurlitzer, plugged into guitar effects ‘stomp boxes’ and my ol’ 1957 Gibson GA40 amp. I joined in on my Gibson SG and Divided by Thirteen amp… after one practice take, we HAD IT!

Joe Zook got some great sounds at El Dorado Studios [where I did the tracks for Mondo Magneto as well] and then I took the track home to do more guitars and vocals.. Scott Shriner [Weezer] did the chorus background vocals and I did the lead and verse harmonies.

After I took the drive to Bad Manors -my studio- I had a crazy idea… to split the song right in the middle after the second chorus and insert a wild marching band..That’s right… a marching band… don’t ask why.. So I did. But instead of Tubas, Trombones saxes and Trumpets.. I decided to do more guitars in their place.. lots more guitars. Maybe 40 or more.. I used every guitar I had there on this. My 1965 ‘Gray Fox’ Epiphone Casino was a big favorite, along with my prized ‘58 Gibson Les Paul TV Model. It’s a total tantrum of guitars leading into a gut punch of a solo before the last chorus and 60’s style outro.

I only hope there will be some heavy breathing when it all hits you!

Crank it.