Happy Ending

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    Happy Ending

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last night, all alone
next stop, HoneysAtHome dot com
one click and there’s your pic
you said, ‘what’s up’
and then it was on
it’s SO on

looks like I did it again, oh!
been where I shouldn’t have been,
here we go, here we go
looks like I did it again, oh!
been where I shouldn’t have been
here we go now

we came we crashed
we drove too fast
right past the point of return
we lived and died in just one night
you smiled as you slipped out the door
while I was hoping for something more
than a happy ending

zip code good to go
mapquest and I’m on the road, oh no
‘a beep beep, I hit the brights
I see you - damn! -
and you climb inside
my ride


In the twin bed of my awkward youth
I’m dreaming of a princess who
would stay with me
and play with me
in Camelot I’m Lancelot
and she’d adore my mighty sword

Liner Notes

My new single, “Happy Ending” is a post sexual revolution modern rock song about a guy trolling the internet for a little action, finding just the right girl, deciding they should hook up.. then after some torrid fun in a steamy car, he knows he wants more than just one date, just one fling… as she smiles and slips out the door…

Pay close attention, [if you can stop smiling and banging your head] to the lyrics in the middle 8 [or bridge section for all you Americans] and I guarantee a laugh or two.

I’m super happy with this recording, done with Aaron Sterling on drums, Paul Bushnell on bass. Scott Shriner playing the baddass urban white boy ‘hype guy’ and Russ Irwin and Jason Page singing the choruses along with me. Recorded and mixed, as was my whole album by Joe Zook.

Oh, and I played about 8 crazy guitar parts on my vintage gear, more on that later..

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… “Happy Ending”