This Way Up

This Way Up cover
  • Album Name

    This Way Up

  • Release Date

    August 9th 2010

  • Record Label

    Whooray Records

  • Available Formats

    Deluxe CD, Digital Download (Apple Lossless, FLAC or High Quality MP3)

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About This Way Up

For the past year I’ve been working on a new album, “This Way Up”. It’s been a blast to record with my favorite players at my favorite studio, playing with great minds and great gear.

Davey Faragher and Pete Thomas on bass and drums, from Elvis Costello’s band, Aaron Sterling and Paul Bushnell on several songs and Abe Laboriel, Jr who plays with me in Paul McCartney’s band and Adam MacDougal on keys along with me on several tracks as well.

I’ve been writing with Oliver Leiber, Tonio K. and others and am in the process of mixing as we speak, with Joe Zook [One Republic, Pink, Weezer] who also tracked my live basic tracks at Eldorado. I’m not trying to drop names here, really! I just want to paint a picture before you settle in for a listen.

The music is all new, ranging from fun to deep… mostly going for an uplifting tone - with a few ballads on top. I wrote and recorded one of these ,“Let’s Fall Apart”, just last week here at my home studio, ‘Bad Manors’ . I played and sang everything on that one and it’s still warm..