Mondo Magneto

Mondo Magneto cover
  • Album Name

    Mondo Magneto

  • Release Date

    March 28th 2006

  • Record Label

    Whooray Records

  • Available Formats

    Deluxe CD, Digital Download (Apple Lossless, FLAC or High Quality MP3)

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About Mondo Magneto

From Brian: I found this piece I wrote on the writing and recording of my first album, “Mondo Magneto”.. read on, my friends!

I started recording Mondo Magneto because the fans of Paul McCartney [and Band] were asking, “where’s Brian’s music?”... I saw myself with some money saved up, a few songs ready to record and 9 months off before the next tour with Paul and decided to do a record.

I booked time at El Dorado Studio in Burbank California after a friend cancelled his 2 days there, not even knowing what I was going to be recording… and my record was started.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d do a 4-6 song EP or what… My friends all said, “naaa, you gotta do a full length CD!” So, the gauntlet was thrown down.. I would stay home nights, even weekends in this total songwriting phase, old school.. with a pencil, notebook and a cassette recorder. Writing this material was the highest time I can remember writing songs.. I just had this buzz for weeks!

Then, I called my favorite drummers and bass players, found an amazing engineer and we went at it! We did 4 tracks in those first 2 days and I wrote 5 more songs in a few weeks time. I re-imagined an old rock ballad of mine, turning it into an intimate ballad, “If You’re Leaving Me”.. and I had my 10 songs!

So, using great vintage guitars and amps, recording to 2 inch analog tape, we began to shape the sound together.. You know, people don’t realize how rare it is that musicians actually record in a room together at the same time these days, with pop music often being played and produced by one or a few people. There is no substitute for inspired collaboration, live in the studio.

It was the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio.. my talented pals dug really deep and contributed so much. Scott Shriner [Weezer], Davey Farahger [Elvis Costello], Abe Laboriel Jr. Wix Wickens and Rusty Anderson from Paul McCartney’s band, Paul Bushnell [Faith Hill] all played their asses off.. Singing with some of these guys was a real treat too.

Oliver Leiber, who wrote with me on a few songs offered his amazing home studio in the hills which has every cool old rare guitar and amp ever made. He helped to really focus the guitars in a way I’d always dreamed of. We used these great sound effect pedals from the 60’swith rare amps and microphones and created a guitar driven, rockin’ poprecord that I am really pleased with.

Thanks to the fans for makin’ me do it! Hope you all enjoy Mondo Magneto.


  • “He’s a great guy with a big talent - a cool professional with a wonderful spirit. Don’t get too big-headed now, Brian!”

    Paul McCartney

  • “Mondo Magneto is a celebration of tough, raging guitars that stab and dance around dazzling melodies and pop clever lyrics.”

    Guitar Player Magazine

  • “‘Mondo Magneto’ is real fresh and a little bit nasty. It sounds like he’s leaning my way on ‘Soft Machine’, like he did onstage with me.”

    Etta James

  • “It’s as fine a guitar-based pop-rock record as you’re likely to hear for some time.”

    Vintage Guitar Magazine

  • “Brian Ray is as bad as any MoFo I’ve ever played with. His songs touch my heart and for that, along with many other things, I will always be grateful.”

    Scott Shriner (Weezer)