Crash Boom Bang! [2017 Rerelease]

Crash Boom Bang! [2017 Rerelease] cover
  • Album Name

    Crash Boom Bang! [2017 Rerelease]

  • Release Date

    May 19, 2017

  • Record Label

    JEM Records

  • Available Formats

    Deluxe CD, Digital Download (Apple Lossless, FLAC or High Quality MP3)

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About Crash Boom Bang! [2017 Rerelease]

Produced by Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber

All songs written by Oliver Leiber and Brian Ray

JEM Records 2017

Recorded at OLLYWOOD STUDIOS and Bad Manors.
Engineered by Joe Zook.
“Cotton Candy” engineered by Ross Hogarth.
Addition engineers: Jose Alcantar,Marc DeSisto and Husky Huskolds
(additional recording at Bad Manors by Oliver Leiber)

Additional recording at Del Abasto Studio, Buenos Aires.
Thanks to Alvaro Villagra, Mauri & Mariano Martinez.

Assistant Engineer to Joe Zook: Ryan Lipman at Ollywood
Assistant Engineers: John Edwards & Jeremy Tomlinson

Mixed by Joe Zook
Mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Bakery

Package Design & Illustration by Anthony J. Parisi @ Paris Studios

Live Photo: Jill Jarret
Inset Photo: MJ Kim

The Bayonets would like to thank all the musical geniuses
and engineers who made this album with us, you brought so
much and you made it feel very special.

Big thanks to Maureen & Steven Van Zandt for discovering us,
and to all the renegade DJs who supported us worldwide.
To Alissa Pollack & Dennis Mortensen for all of your assistance.

To everyone at the Underground Garage who believe in the power
of new rock music, thank you!

And finally, our thanks to Marty Scott and the JEM Records family.