Behind the scenes w/Orianthi and Rick Nielsen for Les Paul Tribute

Written by Brian on Jan 05 2010 at 11:47 PM |Live Shows

Behind the scenes w/Orianthi and Rick Nielsen for Les Paul Tribute

Hey, I’m back!

Thanks for the zillions of happy birthday wishes I received.. I truly think I have the best friend/fans anywhere. I dare anyone to show me a list of more cool and devoted followers.

So, after Paul and Band’s sold out “Good Evening Europe, Ireland, London” tour I flew straight to Miami and woke up early for TV interviews on 2 channels click here: I don’t watch my own interviews but I heard it was ok grin at least I didn’t fall asleep.

Behind the scenes w/Orianthi and Rick Nielsen for Les Paul Tribute

On Game Day for the Miami Dolphins at Land shard Stadium, Rick Nielsen, Orianthi and I met on the field for an early rehearsal.. I was led onto the field and watched as over 100 kids, age 8-16walked on with Gibson Les Paul guitars over their shoulders. I just about lost it. You see, when we were coming up with this idea over the summer over dinner in NYC, I visualized 40 kids with guitars for a charity, [Music in Schools Program thru the Gibson Foundation] but by now it had expanded… 100 kids plus marching band, drummers and cheerleaders.. There it all was, from dream to reality. Wow, brainstorms can be powerful. Run-thru’s were fanTASTIC! Everybody hit their marks.. Big thanks to Scott Lochmus and Dorrie who got all of this together w/production and choreography while I was on tour.

Kids performing at the half time show

When it came time to take the field again during halftime of the Miami Dolphins/Houston Texans game I was thrilled. Honestly, it was a bit disapponting in a way because the Dolphins getting their butts kicked in the game, so many in the crowd went to drown their sorrows in bad beer and such. We had 30,000 instead of 75,000 watching… ah well, not bad right? None the less, we played with energy, enjoying every minute of it.

Watch Rick Nielsen, father of Power Pop [without whom there would be NO Green Day or Blink 182, et al] and the cool gorgeous ripping new guit phenom, Orianthi tearing it up with all them kids!

PS.. We’re mixing my upcoming album, “This Way Up” in LA. The legend, Joe Zook at the controls. Watch this space!


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