The Coolest Song of 2014? Ok, We need your support!

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The Coolest Song of 2014? Ok, We need your support!

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen~

So, it looks like we did it again! We’ve just received word that the 2 most recent singles released this year by The Bayonets are nominated to be “The Coolest Song of 2014” and we want YOUR help!

The Coolest Song of 2014? Ok, We need your support!

We have 2 songs in the running and decided to put all of our support behind “Crash Boom Bang!” to increase The Bayonets chances. You may vote for your favorite once every 24 hours from each device you use, so spread the word. If each of you lovely people chime in there each day and tell a few friends, we might be lucky enough to win just as we did last year, coming in at #4 for the year with our previous single, “Smartphone”.

What you can do?

  a) Go to the Underground Garage website.

  b) Scroll down to Show 637 (June 15th, 2014) Crash Boom Bang (The Bayonets

  c) Vote for “Crash Boom Bang!” and vote often.

Again, you can vote 1x each day on multiple devices; just click and VOTE!

Voting will go live on November 29th (Black Friday) and ends on December 27th. They will be posting all 50 eligible songs (all of the “Coolest Songs in the World” from 2014) on an Underground Garage Listener’s Poll webpage:

Crash Boom Bang Single

Both “Crash Boom Bang” and “So Easy Rider” have been nominated since they were chosen to be The Coolest Song In The World for the week of June 15, 2014 (show 637) and August 31, 2014 (show 648) respectively.

You can listen to show 637 here:

and show 648 here:

In addition to the voting, fans can also enter the The Hard Rock Hotel in Vallarta contest. First place prize will receive: round-trip airfare for 2 and a 4-night, all-inclusive stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vallarta!

Fans may vote for their favorite “Coolest Song” once every 24 hours, and may enter the Hard Rock Vallarta contest as many times as they want. 

The “Coolest Song of 2014” winner will be announced on January 1st (New Year’s Day), during Kid Leo’s “Coolest Songs of 2014 Revisited” show on Sirius XM-21 where Kid Leo will play all 50 “Coolest Songs” of 2014.

The Bayonets Live


Oliver, Lucrecia and I want to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love over the past 21 months. We are getting plans set for 3-4 live shows in early January, just to thank you, and will announce a contest soon in a newsletter with details on how to win 2 free VIP passes at each upcoming show to see The Bayonets play all of your fav songs live.

Let’s do this!!

Tell a friend and click away.

The Bayonets

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