The Bayonets LIVE at Madame Siam

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The Bayonets LIVE at Madame Siam

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Bayonets rip roaring tourette which opened in San Francisco and took us down to Las Vegas is now stopping to play for you in my home town of Hollywood, California and 2 lucky couples are going to be chosen to be our VIP guests!

The Bayonets LIVE at Madame Siam

So, just as we did for The Great American Music Hall and Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel we will draw one VIP+1 for this Wednesday, Jan 14th and another couple to attend Jan 21st as well. The only thing we ask is that you only enter your name (and the reasons why we should choose you;) if you are SURE you are able to attend the show you’ve chosen.

Tell us why you’re the VIP we’ve been waiting for and which of the 2 dates you prefer to attend in the comment section below this blog post on our website! We will make the choice randomly, but your comment might sway us.

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Wednesday’s show is coming up in no time flat so we will choose the winner on Monday evening, ok?

Get your pitch together, enter it on the comment section corresponding to this blog post on

Get ready to put on your high heeled sneakers, cuz The Bayonets are fixed and we’re comin’ for ‘ya!

The Bayonets

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