News from The Bayonets: A new album is on the way!

Written by Brian on Feb 14 2014 at 02:27 AM |News

News from The Bayonets: A new album is on the way!

Hello Friends of The Bayonets,

I hope you are all well into the buzz and joy of a new year—grabbing hold of your dreams, hitched to a star, flying through time. (whew, that was cool!)

It’s the one year anniversary of our first single, “Sucker for Love,” and Oliver Leiber and I have some BIG news for you all!

News from The Bayonets: A new album is on the way!

We are writing and recording some hot new material for what will be our debut album on Robo Records, distributed worldwide by Universal Music.

While the release date isn’t set, we’re hoping for a late spring or early summer time slot. The album will feature five brand new songs, along with the five that we put out ourselves last year, as part of our ‘String of Singles’.

We’re thinking of putting out the album - which is as yet unnamed - on CD, limited edition vinyl and perhaps as a cool thumb drive too, but we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Tell us what format(s) you’d most like to see for the new full-length album!

Speaking of our five-song ‘String of Singles’, three of those became Classic Rock airplay hits, and our second single, “Smartphone,” was voted #4 on the 2013 “Coolest Song of the Year” ballot by listeners of Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show on SiriusXM. Thanks again to all of you who voted!

We’re grateful to Rob Christie of Robo Records for his guidance - and we’re especially grateful for the support of all you kind music lovers, as well. We love you guys, and we’re thrilled by your continued tweets, posts and comments here, and on Your input as our fans, and as our friends, is most welcome.

Stay tuned for news of our song titles and upcoming adventures! If you’re not yet on the mailing list at The Bayonets website, please sign up here:

...and share it with your friends!

Love to all,
Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber
The Bayonets

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