Crash Boom Bang! on VINYL

Written by Brian on Jul 31 2015 at 10:52 AM |News

Crash Boom Bang! on VINYL

Hello friends, near and far~

I trust you’ve been keeping well and enjoying the summer.

We’ve been busy bees since The Bayonets whirlwind West Coast tour and now we’re back! Oliver, Lucrecia and I, along with our amazing revolving musical cohorts, are pleased to announce that our debut album, Crash Boom Bang! will be released on Vinyl in October.

Crash Boom Bang! on VINYL

We have had the most magnificent ride spanning nearly 3 years since our first single was released to the public. Our album, Crash Boom Bang! was met with critical applause and much love from you all, with radio success to boot, including 4 Top 10 singles at Classic Rock nationally and 5 songs deemed “Coolest Song in the World” by Steve Van Zandt at The Underground Garage.

Now we are very fortunate to have an offer from a “vinyl only” label from Germany, Lonestar Records. Their offer to us is to manufacture and promote a limited edition Vinyl release of The Bayonets Crash Boom Bang!.

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We will be selling a limited quantity (about 100 copies) of Vinyl from our website (with fast and reliable worldwide shipping) and it will also be sold at Lonestar’s own website and distribution channels in cool record shops, worldwide. Lonestar Records will be sending our copies to us in early Oct for (hopefully) late Oct sales.

Watch our site for more news regarding availability.

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Now, we’d like to thank all of you for your kind attention and rabid support for our band. We want to hear from you!

What items (besides the LP) would you like to see in a special Deluxe Edition bundle; A CD as well as a download copy? A tee shirt? A cool shopping tote bag? A live compilation DVD? A signed photo of us, or a puppy?

Ok, just making sure you’re paying attention… we won’t be sending any puppies.

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The Vinyl version is being readied for manufacturing and will feature a “gatefold” design (like a double album but all 10 tracks a single disc) with lyrics to all 10 of The Bayonets songs printed inside, rather than the musician credit details, as found on our CD release. The Vinyl will be printed on a translucent custom color disc on heavy weight vinyl for your listening and aesthetically pleasing visual pleasure.

So, in the Comments Section (see below in the blog post version on our site) please tell us your thoughts on what you might like us to include in the packages. There is no limit to the ideas you may post, please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

With much love.
The Bayonets

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