A Musical eCard for your Valentine and a contest with a very special prize!

Written by Brian on Feb 09 2010 at 11:19 PM |Contests |Music

A Musical eCard for your Valentine and a contest with a very special prize!

Here is a gift from me for you to share with your loved one, favorite flame, obsession or objects of affection.. A Valentines Day e-card with a free download of the deluxe extended version of my new song “I Found You”.

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Additionally, how bout a contest?

So, the first one to comment on this blog post [on my website] the correct answers to the following questions will receive a free download of my next single way before anyone else has it!

1)Who of my great collaborators is singing background vocals on this song?

2) What exactly is he saying [as the circus barker] in the new deluxe Guitar Marching Band section in the middle of the song?

3) name at least three R&R references you hear quoted in the lyrics of this new song.. They might be a song or album title, band names or well known lyrics of other songs..

Ok, have a great V-Day and share this card as much as you like. Send it to your sweetheart and you will get lots of love in return, I promise.

Thanks for playing along, listening and sharing and Happy Valentines Day to you all,


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